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Stripe Integration With Low-Code

Make use of Stripe's prebuilt nodes or generate you own with AI if something is missing. Pair up with 100s of other apps to build out any idea fast.

Node stack

Supported Triggers & Actions

Stripe Webhook

Connect with your Stripe account and activates a workflow in response to specific webhook events. [Full documentation](


Checkout Session: Customer Details

Returns the customer details from the stripe checkout session.


Checkout Session: Line Items

Returns the line items from a stripe checkout session.


Create Stripe Checkout Session

Create a Stripe checkout session and return the URL


Create Stripe Customer

Create a new customer on Stripe


Fetch Stripe Customer

Fetch a customer's data from Stripe


Get Stripe Event Metadata

Returns the metadata object associated with the Stripe event. Metadata is useful for storing additional, structured information on an object. For example, customer ID, subscription ID, etc.


Popular Templates With Stripe

Explore our popular Stripe templates below. Click. Remix. Ship!


Audio Translator

Given speech audio, transcribe it, translate it into the target language, and finally convert it back to speech using Google's translation and text-to-speech APIs.

Google Translate


Create Stripe Checkout Link

Creates a Stripe checkout link for every unique user of your GPT with customization.

Stripe OpenAI


Stripe Payment Listener

This workflow listens for activity from your Stripe account and marks a user's payment as complete once they pay and add their email.



URL Redirect

Given a URL, generate another URL and redirect the API call to it. This workflows redirects a customer friendly link to a custom Stripe Checkout link.



Stripe Create Checkout Session

Create a Stripe Checkout Session to facilitate a streamlined and secure online payment experience, offering customers a user-friendly interface while ensuring data security and compliance with industr...



Stripe Events To PostgreSQL

Sync any stripe events to a PostgreSQL database.

Stripe PostgreSQL


Stripe Save Subscription

Record a Stripe subscription and customer details in your own Supabase table.

Stripe Supabase


Google Vision - Text Detection

Given an image, find the text in it using Google Vision.

Google Vision


Stripe Checkout Completed

Trigger a workflow on Stripe payment completion. Extract customer data, update membership, incrementing user credits and more.

Stripe Firebase


Stripe Summary Generator

Schedule a task to create a monthly report of your Stripe account and perform any credit adjustments required. This is the low-code way to create scheduled tasks or cron job.


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