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Connect OPENFORMAT with hundreds of AI models, popular tools, utility functions or AI generated nodes. Automate your work faster and better than ever before - all visually with no-code ease and low-code power!

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OPENFORMAT Integration With Low-Code

Make use of OPENFORMAT's prebuilt nodes or generate you own with AI if something is missing. Pair up with 100s of other apps to build out any idea fast.

Node stack

Supported Triggers & Actions

Check Missions

Checks whether the user has completed all of the actions that make up a mission, and whether they have already been rewarded for completing the mission.


Create web3 Account

Creates a web3 account for your user. You can learn more about what this is and how it benefits your users here.


Get Leaderboard

Returns a leaderboard based on the amount of experience points (XP) users have earned.


Get User Information

Returns the user's experience point (XP) balance, the badges they have collected and the actions they have completed within that specific dApp.


Reward Badge

Reward a user with a badge for completing an action or mission. Learn more about how to use badges here...


Reward XP

Reward a user with experience points (XP) for completing an action.


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