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Large Global Recruitment Startup 99Hunters Empowers 7K Recruiters Using BuildShip’s Custom AI Assistant Builder

May 24, 2024


99Hunters stands as the world's largest headhunters marketplace, spanning across 35 countries! With a team of 40 dedicated individuals and a network of over 7,000 headhunters, they take immense pride in being the largest platform of its kind in South America.

As a global marketplace, 99Hunters connects companies facing recruitment challenges with the perfect candidates, no matter where they are in the world.  Serving as the largest global hub for headhunters and executive search firms, they’ve got an incredible network of recruitment experts ready to assist you in finding your next star performer.

They have a community of experienced headhunters and search consultants to supercharge your recruitment efforts and get you in front of the talent you seek. Whether you're facing a tricky skills gap or looking to build out a whole new team, 99Hunters will connect you with the right recruiters to get the job done.

The Premise

The primary aim was to create a solution that could automate the process of job posting and finding talent, particularly headhunter / recruiter signups. The focus was to find a low-code tool that could help with local languages and accelerate the app-building process.

This involved three things:

  1. Scaling the process of job posting and talent acquisition, making it more efficient and automated. 

  2. Using AI for generating value for users, including creating job descriptions and interview questions, and feedback for candidates.

  3. Incorporating messaging via WhatsApp to communicate with candidates.

The Process

The team at 99Hunters was looking for a tool that will help them build out their idea fast without the need for code - this is where they came across BuildShip,  a low-code visual backend builder.

Luciano, co-founder of 99Hunters, needed a solution to automate the generation of job profile information and asynchronously follow up with potential candidates for interviews through a messaging tool. He found BuildShip to be the perfect choice because it not only supports AI-powered tools like OpenAI, Gemini AI, and Claude AI, along with messaging platforms like Twilio and WhatsApp, but it also offers the AI Assistant node. This Assistant node allows for the creation of custom AI assistants that have the ability to provide a personalised recruiter experience.

The Solution

Realising that BuildShip offered exactly what Luciano needed, he created an AI assistant called HunterHero. Its goal is to generate JSON data about users, companies, open positions, job descriptions, and interview questions. HunterHero can also produce other necessary content for a job profile. Best of all, it supports multiple languages, addressing the exact challenge Luciano aimed to solve.

When it came to the backend setup, Luciano used the AI assistant node to construct HunterHero. This node allows you to connect with any database and your favourite tools, allowing you to pass information and use data to create a powerful, tailored assistant experience.

HunterHero integrates with OpenAI to generate job descriptions, interview questions, and personalised feedback for candidates. Additionally, it connects with Twilio for asynchronous workflows, enabling messaging on WhatsApp to follow up and stay in touch with potential candidates.

The Result

Luciano claims to have built a first prototype version in a couple of nights, a feat that shows how AI powered BuildShip can help you build out your most complex backend ideas with low-code. 

“I have not seen any tool that is as easy and fast to develop backend flows and multiple API integrations.”

“I have not seen any tool that is as easy and fast to develop backend flows and multiple API integrations.”


Now with HunterHero, Luciano has improved the experience of headhunters using his platform to quickly generate job descriptions, interview questions and automate the process of posting and filtering out candidates, offering a significantly improved recruiter experience.

Start building your
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Start building your
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