WhatsApp Bot - Verification

This workflow is required to verify the webhook endpoint set up on the WhatsApp Meta Dashboard. Learn more on how to set up a WhatsApp Bot [here](https://docs.buildship.com/trigger-nodes/whatsapp-bot). Make sure to add the same endpoint as set up in the WhatsApp Bot - Auto Reply workflow.

How to use

  1. Use the Remix button on top to clone this template

  2. Setup an account on BuildShip by following the steps

  3. Add any required fields that get highlights such as API keys, integration if needed

  4. Test by providing some sample input values to your workflow

  5. You can also check the logs for the logic flow

  6. Finally, when you are happy with the testing, click Ship 🚀 to deploy the workflow as an API, scheduled job or other trigger.

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